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We help hostels to become better

Consulting from the award-winning hostel management team

  • We own a hostel which received
    more then 20 awards
    from different booking
    websites and we keep

  • We have great
    experience as a
    travellers and we
    know what the guests
    are looking for

  • Great taste in inrerior
    design, graphic design and
    branding. We know hostel’s
    specific needs and how a
    perfect polygraphy, web and
    interior must look like.

  • 7 years of experience,
    5 years as an owners of
    Soul Kitchen hostel
    which won Best hostel
    in Europe and World
    Best hostel in 2014.

What we can help you with

  • Complex solutions for increasing the hostel rating
  • Choosing the right staff, training, motivation
  • Finding hostel niche, marketing Indicating the hostel issues and finding the solutions
  • Help with planning a new hostel, space ergonomic, must-haves
  • Prevent expensive build and design mistakes
  • Increase occupancy by understanding your guest’s needs
  • Create corporate identity: Branding, web design, polygraphy
  • Hostel interior design, creating recognized style.
  • Increasing hostel management efficiancy by implementing new systems.
  • Price consulting before buying or selling an existing hostel

Investor relations

We tend to develop in other destinations and are working on projects in several tourist locations in europe. If you are interested in being a partner for our project in one of the european's capital - please, contact us.

Who we are

We have an economic education, experience in street art and design and 2 years experience in working at hostels as a staff before opening our own business.  We opened our first «Soul Kitchen» hostel in april 2009, in 2010 we received our first award from hostelworld.com as the best hostel in Russia. We traveled a lot and visited over 100 hostels, from the most amazing to the worst ever and based on this experience we generated many great ideas that we were dreaming to realize. So in 2012 we reopened the hostel in the new location where the space was 4 times bigger and allowed to realize ourselves. The same year hostelbookers.com gave us an award as the Best New Hostel in eastern europe. Based on 2013 hostelworld.com gave our hostel several awards that we really proud of: Best Small hostel, Best hostel in Europe, Best hostel in Russia and also awarded for the high level of security. The recent award is from booking.com where our hostel is listed in top 10 hostels around the world 2015.


Contact us

First-meet skype chat is free,
drop us a line and we’ll get back to you!

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